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The Best of Formula 1 on YouTube

For any Formula 1 history buff it will coe as no surprise that YouTube is full of some absolute motor racing gold from years past. However, with so much material it can be hard to sift through the junk. So for all the fans out there, here are some recommendations that are a must watch.

This is not a complete list and will be updated frequently with new recommendations so keep returning.

Type in ‘The Racer’s Edge’

Here is a channel well worth subscribing to. Peter Windsor’s program, ‘The Flying Lap’ has been rebranded as ‘The Racer’s Edge’ and it is here you can find some incredible footage and wonderful interviews with past and current drivers, mechanics and managers. A recent addition is a brilliant insight into a private test of the 1992 Williams FW14B by Valterri Bottas showing great detail of the car and an insight into the views of a current Formula 1 driver on grand prix cars of the past.

Type in ‘The Flying Lap Peter Windsor’

‘The Flying Lap’ may have a very backyard budget but for what the show lacks in appearance it certainly makes up for in content. Peter Windsor, former manager at Williams F1, Speed TV commentator, and journalist interviews some of the greats in Formula 1 and re-lives Formula 1 of the past while also previewing races of the present. Some great stories and well worth looking at.

Type ‘Motorsport by Antti Kalhola’

The undisputed genius of private Formula 1 edits on YouTube, Antti’s videos which cover Rally racing are simply breathtaking using brilliant music and unique images. Favourite videos of Antti are ‘Action and Drama’, ‘Tribute to Gilles Villeneuve’, ‘magic of Monza’, and ‘F1 passion and excitement’. In fact, so good were these compilations that FOM began removing them from YouTube only for other people to start up YouTube accounts under the name ‘Anttifan’ and reload them back again.

Type in ‘BBC F1 outro 2009/2010/2011’

Here you will find the credits to the final Formula 1 race of each of the seasons on BBC. If you type in 2009 you will get Florence and the Machine, if 2010 you will get Alistair Griffith and if you type in 2011 you will get Kasabian. Great compilations.

Type ‘Clive James Las Vegas’ 

This will provide you with a link to a documentary of the 1981 Las Vegas Grand Prix b Clive James. Line after line, delivered in that drawl mono-tone style, James comes up with some of the most hilarious comments about Formula 1 in the 1980s. [This video has since been removed but I will keep it in on the site in the event it re-emerges or can be found elsewhere on the internet.]

Type ‘Clive James show 1997’

To commemorate the commencement of ITV’s coverage of Formula 1, Clive James was able to get the largest amount of current Formula 1 drivers into the studio to interview about the upcoming 1997 season.

Type ‘Clive James Damon Hill’

Watch a great interview during Hill’s 1996 championship season. Great insight into the life of a modern day Formula 1 driver with great commentary from James.

Type in ‘1970 German Grand Prix’

Watch the pre-race build-up and the opening laps of the 1970 German Grand Prix around the wickedly fast Hockenheim circuit. Amazingly clear footage depicting the early stages of the epic battle between Jackie Ickx in the Ferrari 312B and Jochen Rindt in the Lotus 72. Sadly this would prove to be Rindt’s final race win following his death in the Italian Grand Prix over a month later. When you see this video you notice numerous other links to races in the 1970 season.

Type ‘1978 The shape of things to come’ 

4 part series reviewing the 1978 Formula 1 World Championship season. Great review of a season that makes the mid-season innovations of today seem positively inconsequential.

Type ‘1981 Gentlemen lift up your skirts’

Wonderful pre-season documentary from the BBC covering the transition of Formula 1 after the ban on ground effect. Aside from the technical discussion about the advantages of ground effect, the documentary goes to winter testing with the Williams team and Alan Jones at Paul Ricard.

Type in ‘1984 Dallas Grand Prix’

Watch the full US coverage of what was already one of the most disorganised grand prix in Formula 1 history and produced an equally unpredictable race. Vintage Formula 1 from the 1980s.

Type in ‘1984 Monaco Grand Prix’

Watch the race that threw Ayrton Senna into the Formula 1 spotlight as a future champion. Great commentary from James Hunt and Murray Walker.

Type in ‘Murray Walker – which Lotus?’

For a period in the late 70s and early 80s, Lotus used to have the name of their cars the year number after the  current year that it was. Listen to the problems that it causes Murray Walker.

Type in ‘Jim Clark Documentary’

Brilliant BBC documentary on the great Scottish double World Champion supported by brilliant footage of his motor racing career.

Type in ‘racing stewart’

Multiple part documentary behind the scenes of the Stewart Racing teams first season in Formula 1 in 1997. Terriffic insight into the career of Jan Magnussen and the struggles to get up to speed in Formula 1.

Type in ‘a season with McLaren 1993’

Great multiple part series on the 1993 Formula 1 season with McLaren. Great footage of Ayrton Senna in what would prove to be a tumultuous season for both he and team mate Michael Andretti. Of notable mention is Senna providing his engineers and Andretti with a brief on the feelings of the MP4/8 around Monza.

Type in ‘tooned 2012’

Sticking with the McLaren theme, here you will find episodes of the McLaren animation series starring Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton. A Pixar-like production that will only improve with time.

Type in ‘Secret Life of F1’

Here you will find a two part documentary on the sport of Formula 1 with an insight into the origins of the BMW Williams F1 Team around the time of the 2002 Formula 1 World Championship.

Type in ‘Vintage Juan Manuel Fangio Monaco’

One of the greatest pieces of footage seen for its era. Juan Manuel Fangio driving his 1956 Lancia-Ferrari D50 around the streets of Monaco. The footage is even more amazing by the fact that there are still cars parked on the road on the climb up Beau Rivage and the absence of people lining the streets. It is a wonderful demonstration of how Monaco and Formula 1 used to be. The highlight of the video is perhaps the slow motion shots of Fangio attacking the old gasworks hairpin and the Lowe’s hairpin.

Type in ‘Jim Clark on board 1963’

Perhaps one the greatest pieces of on-board footage in the history of Formula 1. Jim Clark feathering his World Championship winning Lotus 25 around the Oulton Park circuit. Absolute must watch for any Formula 1 fan.

Type in ‘Senna Monaco 1990’

Not great quality and with Japanese commentary but shows the ferocity of the V10 Honda powerplant around the tight twists of Monaco.

Type in ‘Senna Honda NSX Suzuka’ 

Here you will find footage of Senna testing the Japanese supercar around the famous circuit. The onboard cameras between the seats and in the foot well help demonstrate the skill of the triple world champion.

Type in ‘Estoril 92 Press Conference’

Wonderful piece of footage with Ayrton Senna commenting after the 1992 Portuguese Grand Prix and providing an insight into his frustration not to be signing with Williams in 1993 because of a veto from Alain Prost that Senna not be his teammate. Great interaction between Mansell and Senna.

Type in ‘Ayrton Senna Japanese TV 93’

4 part video showing Ayrton Senna on a Japanese Television show. While the show is in Japanese it shows Senna go-kart racing against the hosts and even doing performing practical jokes. Great segment showing the admiration for Senna in Japan and the great man in the final year of his life.

Type in ‘Ayrton Senna Mansell Retirement’

Great interview with Ayrton Senna, elaborating on the decision by Nigel Mansell to retire following the return of Alain Prost to the Williams team. The Brazilian provides an intense and insightful opinion as ever.

Type in ‘Ayrton Senna Top Gear Tribute’

A wonderful tribute to Ayrton Senna by Jeremy Clarkson on the eve of the premiere of the Senna movie. The tribute focuses on parts of his career that the Senna movie does not. Most notably, the 1993 European Grand Prix. Great insight from Martin Brundle touching perfectly on the immensely conflicting philosophies of the three-time world champion.

Type in ‘Arnoux Villeneuve 1979’

It wouldn’t be an F1 YouTube list without mentioning this epic battle between Rene Arnoux and Gilles Villeneuve battling for second in the closing laps of the 1979 Swiss Grand Prix at the Dijon circuit in France. Regarded by many as one of the greatest battles in Formula 1 history.

Type in ‘BBC Classic F1 Monaco Grand Prix 1982’

One of the most chaotic finishes in the history of Formula 1. It was described as the race that nobody wanted to win. Watch how close Prost gets to the armco around Casino Square at the 2:39 mark.

Type in ‘Sauber cut in half’

Robert Kubica may have made a good attempt at the 2007 Canadian Grand Prix but Sauber took two years to successfully cut a 2008 BMW F1 car in half.

Type in ‘Megafactories Williams F1’

Discovery Channel documentary inside the Williams Formula 1 team. The documentary shows the requirements of the Williams Formula 1 team in the turn around between the Italian and Singapore Grand Prix in 2011. The video shows how the cars need to be prepared for the final fly away legs of the season, including the construction of some parts. The documentary also shows the process undertaken in designing, testing and manufacturing a new front wing.

Type in ‘Maldonado crash venezuela’

Watch Pastor Maldonado destroy his Formula 1 while conducting a demonstration in the nations capital.

Type in ‘Kobayashi crash Russia’

This should bring up footage of Kamui Kobayashi destroying a 2009 Ferrari F60 during a street demonstration for the Ferrari team while in the rain at Moscow.

Type in ‘Turbo engines started’

Documentary from the late 80s outlining the origins of the turbo engine in Formula 1, a development that brought about what even Nigel Roebuck believed was the greatest era in Formula 1.

Type in ‘Toyota F1 The End’

A great montage of the short, eventful and very expensive contribution of Toyota to the sport of Formula 1.

Type in ‘Channel nine Formula 1 tribute’

A montage compiled by channel nine at the conclusion of the 2002 Japanese Grand Prix celebrating their time as host broadcaster in Australia from 1981 to 2002.



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