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2012 WRC Philips Rally of Argentina Results

2012 WRC Philips Rally of Argentina

Pos.    Driver                              Team/Car                    Time/Gap                

1.      Sebastien Loeb                 Citroen                       5h34m38.8secs

2.      Mikko Hirvonen                  Citroen                       +15.2 secs

3.      Mads Ostberg                    Adapta Ford              +3m10.4 secs

4.      Martin Prokop                    Czech Ford                +9m45.3 secs

5.      Thierry Neuville                  Citroen Junior            +11m17.6 secs

6.      Petter Solberg                   Ford                            +12m02.2 secs

7.      Sebastien Ogier                VW Skoda                 +12m25.3 secs

8.      Evgeny Novikov                 M-Sport Ford             +21m10.2 secs

9.      Nasser Al-Attiyah              Qatar Citroen             +28m22.6 secs

10.    Ott Tanak                           M-Sport Ford             +37m19.5 secs


Dani Sordo                                 Ford                            SS19

Armindo Araujo                          Portugal Mini             SS17

Paolo Nobre                               Portugal Mini             SS17

Daniel Oliveira                           Brazil Ford                 SS13



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