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2012 Santander Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix Race Results

2012 Santander Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix Race Results

Pos.      Driver                          Team                                 Time/Retired                     Grid

1.      Pastor Maldonado         Williams Renault                       1:39:09.145 secs       1

2.      Fernando Alonso            Ferrari                                       +3.195 secs                2

3.      Kimi Raikkonen              Lotus Renault                            +3.884 secs               4 

4.      Romain Grosjean           Lotus Renault                            +14.799 secs              3

5.      Kamui Kobayashi           Sauber Ferrari                         +1:04.641 secs           9

6.      Sebastien Vettel             Force India Mercedes             +1:07.576 secs           7

7.      Nico Rosberg                  Mercedes Ferrari                    +1:17.919 secs           6

8.      Lewis Hamilton                McLaren Mercedes                +1:18.140 secs          24

9.      Jenson Button                  McLaren Mercedes                +1:25.246 secs          10

10.    Nico Hulkenberg              Force India Mercedes            +1 Lap                        13

11.    Mark Webber                   Red Bull Renault                      +1 Lap                        11

12.    Jean-Eric Vergne             Toro Rosso Ferrari                 +1 Lap                        14

13.    Daniel Ricciardo               Toro Rosso Ferrari                +1 Lap                        15

14.    Paul di Resta                     Force India Mercedes           +1 Lap                        12

15.    Felipe Massa                    Ferrari                                      +1 Lap                        16

16.    Vitaly Petrov                      Caterham Renault                  +1 Lap                         18

17.    Heikki Kovaleinen             Caterham Renault                  +1 Lap                        19

18.     Timo Glock                       Marussia Cosworth                +2 Laps                       21

19.     Pedro De la Rosa            HRT Cosworth                        +3 Laps                       22

DNF.    Sergio Perez                  Sauber Ferrari                       Transmission               5

DNF.    Charles Pic                     Marussia Cosworth               Halfshaft                      20

DNF.    Narain Karthikeyan        HRT Cosworth                        Wheel                          23

DNF.    Bruno Senna                        Williams Renault               Collision                      17

DNF.    Michael Schumacher          Mercedes                           Collision                       8



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