About Racefans

Hello and welcome Racefans!!!

This is the home of the motor racing blog created by Formula 1 motor racing enthusiast Jack Byrne. Here you will find a continuously updated source of discussion, opinion and entertainment predominantly focused around the history and current events of the FIA Formula 1 World Championship and other major motor racing series around the world. Sourcing extensive articles and video footage from not only the internet but from a wealth of archival material, Racefans aims to be a supplementary source of discussion and entertainment for fellow motor racing fans around the world. 

While only in its infancy, Racefans will serve to provide motor racing tragics and aspiring tragics with a wide variety of discussion topics and articles that look to provide information and entertainment on various aspects of the current Formula 1 World Championship season and seasons past. Such discussion will be unlimited, from individual grand prix, to the teams, organisers and drivers, there is no area of Formula 1 that will not be assessed and no story or line of discussion that will not be pursued.

While Racefans serves to provide entertainment, it also looks to inform those who are new to Formula 1 and as a result, discussion points and the comments of its visitors will not be posted on the blog that serve to only provide unsubstantiated and unwarranted criticism of individuals involved in Formula 1. Where criticisms or accusations are made on Racefans, these will be supported by respected publications and noted accordingly for the benefit of readers. 

Overtime Racefans will look to expand into other areas of Formula 1 interest including sections relating to both model cars, photography, literature, motion pictures, video games and memorabilia, but for now feel free to enjoy the introductory posts on Racefans and feel free to provide your opinions and perspectives. 

All the best.

Jack Byrne




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