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2017 Racefans Top 10 F1 Drivers

1. Lewis Hamilton 9 wins, 11 pole positions, 4 podiums, 7 fastest laps (363 points 1st in the championship) Love him or loathe him, there a few that deny that Lewis Hamilton was at his best in 2017. For a driver that has never been shy about his feelings, no matter how played they may … Continue reading

2016 Racefans Top 10 F1 Drivers

  2016 Formula 1 Top Ten Drivers 1. Daniel Ricciardo 1 win, 1 pole position, 7 podiums, 4 fastest laps (256 points 3rd in the Championship) Following a disastrous season in 2015 in which the Red Bull Racing team were persistently hampered by the unreliability of their Renault engine, the Milton Keynes crew had very … Continue reading

The Halo/Canopy Debate: Inevitable Evolution of Safety or a Fundamental Departure from the ‘formula’ that is Formula 1? [Part 1]

Red Bull has revealed the canopy design concept it believes will better address concerns over driver safety in Formula 1, and from the moment it was revealed, polarised opinions on the design and concept emerged, with some looking to compare it with Ferrari’s halo prototype trialled during pre-season testing (above); some assessing its functionality; and … Continue reading

2015 Formula 1 Preview: Hamilton’s to Lose? or Formula 1’s to Ruin?

2015 Formula 1 Preview: Hamilton’s to Lose? or Formula 1’s to Ruin? I’m sitting over breakfast at my local spot in Newtown working out how to construct a preview to the 2015 Formula 1 World Championship, granted not your typical morning task. Located close to the University of Sydney, Newtown is a melting pot for … Continue reading

Racefans Top 10 Drivers of 2014

1. Daniel Ricciardo 238 Points (3rd), 3 wins, 8 podiums, 0 pole positions, 0 fastest laps. 9th in 2013 Top 10 2014 was always going to be a free hit for Daniel Ricciardo, pitted against a reigning four-time World Champion who had been funded by the team owners since his early teenage years, little expectation … Continue reading

Opinion: The Finances of Formula 1

  It was no surprise that only a week after the first Grand Prix without both Marussia and Caterham, media attention at the Brazilian Grand Prix would remain focused on the discussions surrounding the costs of competing in Formula 1 and the methods by which teams are remunerated for their participation in the sport. I’ve had … Continue reading

How to Address the Declining Popularity of Formula 1

How to Address the Declining Popularity of Formula 1  52,000 people attended the 2014 German Grand Prix. If that line doesn’t get the attention of Formula 1 teams and stakeholders, rest assured, both sponsors and broadcasters will be quick to raise it at their next contract negotiations. That is of course if they even turn … Continue reading

What Can Be Learnt From Bianchi’s Crash?

The circumstances surrounding the incident that has left Jules Bianchi with life-threatening head injuries are very unlucky at the least. As the recently released spectator footage shows, the marshals attending to the stricken car of Adrian Sutil were in the process of taking the Sauber away from the circuit perimeter and behind the armco barriers when … Continue reading

Should Formula 1 Adopt Three-Car Teams?

Should Formula 1 Adopt Three-Car Teams? Bernie Ecclestone has rumoured at three-car teams in Formula 1 before, but Bernie has rumoured a lot of things, independently-timed sprinklers, medals for the top three finishers, drivers being allocated cars at the start of each race, a Grand Prix on the shores of the Hudson, it’s understandable that … Continue reading

The Best Part of a Grand Prix Weekend That You May Have Never Seen.

So you stay up late on a Sunday night in Australia to watch the latest round of the F1s, despite the overwhelming fear that the Mercedes’ won’t battle it out like Bahrain, and that the ensuing case of self-inflicted Mondayitis may well end your employment too. But hey, you’re a Racefan and unlike Germans, you … Continue reading